On this episode, we speak to Patrick Stapleton, CEO at Sherrill House, an independent, not-for-profit, skilled nursing and rehabilitation center located near Boston.

Topics discussed include:

– The history of the Sherrill House tagline, “We’re here for you, not for profit.”

– The importance of being able to work well with women in the LTC industry.

– Surviving the challenges of Covid thanks to a loyal staff and strong culture.

– The ways that his relationships in the community helped during Covid.

– The challenges of the labor shortage and remote work.

– The importance of starting board meetings with a mission moment.

– The power of music therapy.

Resources mentioned:

Sherrill House


How were you able to handle the challenges of Covid?

We survived because of our culture. Many of our staff have been here a long time, and they all stayed with us during Covid.

What was the hardest decision you had to make during Covid?

It wasn’t a hard decision, but we were one of the first facilities in the country to mandate the vaccine. We were one of a handful of facilities that achieved a 90% or higher vaccination rate in Massachusetts.

What were the early days of Covid like?

Testing was an issue early on. But because I had built strong relationships in the community, I was able to find a testing facility that would take care of all our testing needs every day very early in the pandemic.

What is your hiring philosophy?

I try to hire the best people I can find. I have sometimes made decisions to hire some of these people in minutes. I can just tell if someone is a rockstar.

What kind of relationship do you have with your staff?

I’m very open with everyone on my staff. They’ll tell me problems they won’t tell their own managers.

What is something that is challenging for you?

Fundraising has been a difficult adjustment. It used to be something that was nice, but now it’s something that is absolutely necessary.

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