In this episode, we have a thought-provoking conversation with Jill Vitale-Aussem, President and CEO of Christian Living Communities. Jill provides a refreshing perspective on senior living. She shares her insights on redefining the approach toward aging and senior care, with a specific focus on dignity, purpose and the well-being of residents.

Key Takeaways:

(03:16) Discovering your passion can significantly influence your career path and professional journey.

(10:12) Jill’s journey to leadership in the senior living industry is driven by a passion for transformative change.

(17:33) Embracing life’s ‘bright spots,’ or small victories, is crucial, especially during challenging times.

(26:57) The importance of meaningful engagement and relationship-building in senior living communities is paramount.

(33:28) Overcoming systemic challenges in senior care requires deep introspection, breaking molds and rethinking paradigms.

(42:02) The hospitality model in senior living has its flaws; meaningfulness and purpose are crucial.

(57:51) Transformative change involves shifting perceptions about aging and reframing approaches to senior living.

Resources Mentioned:

The Eden Alternative

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande


What inspired your journey into senior living?

The journey began with an awakening to the essential need for dignity and autonomy for seniors in living communities. It was a realization about the importance of transformative changes in the lives of our elders, driving a passion to make a difference.

What does transformative change in senior living mean to you?

It means a comprehensive reshaping of the existing perceptions, systems and methodologies in senior living. It’s about emphasizing the overall well-being and purpose of the residents, ensuring they lead fulfilled lives.

How do you think the senior living industry can be reformed?

By emphasizing the creation of meaningful relationships and engagements within the community. It involves prioritizing the dignity and autonomy of the residents and implementing practices that ensure their holistic well-being.

Why is the hospitality model not entirely beneficial in long-term care?

The hospitality model, although service-oriented, often lacks provisions for fostering a sense of purpose and meaningfulness, which are essential for the holistic well-being of seniors. The emphasis should be on creating enriching experiences that contribute to the overall quality of life.

What impact do you wish to make in the senior living community?

I aspire to spark thoughtful discussions and catalyze transformative actions that lead to improved, dignified, and purposeful living conditions for seniors. The goal is to influence systemic change and elevate the quality of life in senior living communities.

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