On this episode, we speak to Claudia Blumenstock, Founder and CEO at Copernicus.

Key Takeaways:

(1:04) Feedback from staff and leaders on challenges they face.

(3:29) The need for leadership training at all levels of the organization.

(6:55) Addressing communication challenges among leaders and staff.

(7:47) Strategies for improving communication skills.

(11:08) Unique recruitment approaches, including hiring for personality fit.

(12:22) Challenges faced by leaders who are constantly putting out fires.

(15:57) The importance of involving staff in the interview process.

(17:11) The need for courageous decision-making and spending money to address turnover.

(21:38) The importance of transparency in leadership.

(28:26) Reflecting on personal fears and transparency.

Resources Mentioned:

Copernicus Inc.


Why focus on long-term care recruitment and retention?

It’s a critical industry that needs attention, and there’s a personal connection for me.

What’s the biggest challenge in long-term care staffing?

Staff retention and creating a consistent, quality experience for residents.

How can leaders improve communication?

Invest in training, both for leaders and staff, to enhance communication skills.

What’s the role of transparency in leadership?

It’s crucial. Leaders must be transparent to build trust and improve teamwork.

How can organizations address constant fire-fighting by leaders?

Invest in staff involvement in the interview process to ensure the right fit.

What’s the impact of personality fit in hiring?

It’s significant. We look for cultural alignment and a sense of purpose in candidates.

How can leaders overcome their fears?

Acknowledge fears, be open and take courageous steps to address them.

Can you share an example of an effective leadership decision?

Spending money upfront to address turnover is a wise investment.

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