On this episode, we speak to Christina Devlin, Corporate Director of Rehabilitation at AbleHearts*.

Topics discussed include:

– Her role as Corporate Director of Rehabilitation at AbleHearts.

– Her reasons for attending the Florida Health Care Association convention and her passion for the industry.

-The importance of in-house therapy programs and the growth of this model in the healthcare industry.

– Her personal connection to the motto “Love without limits, safety first, family always” and the role of family in her life.

– Challenges in the healthcare industry, particularly related to workforce shortages and finding clinicians dedicated to geriatric care.

– Professional challenges, including the impact of PDPM (Patient-Driven Payment Model) on therapy departments.

– Christina’s favorite aspects of her job, including making a difference and collaborating with talented leaders in the industry.

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Why did you attend the Florida Health Care Association convention this year?

To immerse myself in a culture of dedicated and brilliant people in the industry.

What are your goals for networking and learning at the convention?

To meet people who share a passion for our industry and discuss the challenges we face.

Why is the position of VP of Rehab Services rare in the industry?

In the past, therapy was often contracted out, but now in-house models are becoming popular.

How does AbleHearts’ motto align with your personal values?

“Love without limits, safety first, family always” resonates with my deep commitment to family.

What’s a significant challenge you’ve faced professionally?

Finding clinicians passionate about working with the geriatric population due to workforce shortages.

Can you share a challenging professional experience?

The industry shift with PDPM had a significant impact on therapy departments.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Making a difference and collaborating with talented leaders in the industry.

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*Since recording the interview, Christina Devlin has moved to Aston Health Consulting Services, where she is VP of Therapy Services.

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