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      What to expect in the format & questions of the show:

      The LTC Heroes Podcast operates in a casual conversation style interview with a few rapid fire questions.

      Each show opens up with 3 rapid fire question

      • What kind of valuable advice do you expect to deliver for the LTC industry today?

      • What is a book, newsletter, or industry resource you refer others to?

      • Who is a mentor or influencer in our industry that is active on social media that the rest of us should be following because they have influenced you?

      After those questions we enter a deep dive into a particular topic or focus for the interview based on your specific expertise.

      Finally, we wrap up each show with the following question:

      If you were to go back in time 10 or 20 years back, what advice would you give yourself given what you know today?

      Who is the audience for the show:

      This show is for executives & professionals working in Long Term Care.

      How long is each episode?

      Episodes typically last from 25-40 minutes in length.

      Is the show audio or video?

      The primary medium of the show is audio, although we do chop up the video portion of the interview into social posts and educational videos. If possible, please try to have your webcam on and a professional video setting. If you can’t do video though, no worries. We can still run with just audio for the interview.

      How to prepare for your interview:

      1) Use your computer – Please use your computer for recording, not your phone. This will ensure we have the best quality possible.

      2) Google Chrome is preferred – If possible, please have Google Chrome open during the interview. This enables us to record an audio backup of the interview. If you don’t have Google Chrome, it is ok, but it is preferred if possible.

      3) Remove distractions – Please be in a quiet place and turn off any cell phones or notifications.

      4) Audio Quality – Please use the best microphone you have available. If you do not have a microphone then use at minimum a pair of earbuds or a headset. This ensures the best audio quality for the listener.

      Jerry Seelig

      LTC Hero’s is needed and will, I believe, find many listeners because it offers  tools and strategies to all levels of practitioners. All podcasts presenters seek to make the listener a better practitioner by hearing their challenges and then providing them with both simple and complex takeaways to help them achieve the results they seek. Within a day of LTC Heroes publishing my podcast interview with Peter, I had a most skilled and respected administrator reaching out to me asking for some advice and direction as to Staffing and Program challenges they are facing in their 5-star facility. Importantly, what is great about the LTC Heroes’ podcast is that it home with the 20 year veteran “5 Star veteran administrator” and will be an equally great resource to the first year administrator, or the DON, the charge nurse, the CNA or RT, the activities staff or anyone who want to be stronger practitioner and a stronger contributor to the team. 

      Jerry Seelig
      Founder and CEO of Seelig+Cussigh HCO LLC (S+C), Author and publisher of Revitalize

      Barbara Klick, RN, MBA

      I had the pleasure of being interviewed (actually it was more like a really fun, lively, conversation with a kindred spirit) by Peter Murphy Lewis of Cantata Health for a podcast recently.  Peter is bright, curious and was generous with his questions that helped surface my leadership gifts for sharing.  His positive intent allows you to lean into the conversation and not worry about a curve ball.  At first, I didn’t think I had an hour to spare and afterwards I was very happy that I spent the time reflecting on service, life, leadership, healthcare and how we are all tied together in this crazy world. I was also very impressed with the quality of the podcast –  hey I didn’t sound too bad J   The editing was excellent and the piece flowed very well.  The end result was a high quality podcast!  So, if Peter invites you to join him, jump in!!

      Barbara Klick, RN, MBA
      CEO at Sholom