On this episode, we speak to Robin Arnicar, Director of Infection Prevention at Erickson Senior Living and President at NADONA LTC, a professional organization dedicated exclusively to nursing and nurse leaders in the Post-Acute Care and Assisted Living professions.

Topics discussed include:

– The challenges post-pandemic in filling LTC nursing vacancies.

– Connecting NADONA to business leaders who aren’t aware of the organization.

– The leadership qualities needed in the Director of Nursing role.

– Rallying the industry to create a better learning environment for potential Directors of Nursing.

– The five levels of leadership.

– Surviving stressful times in long-term care.

Resources mentioned:

Erickson Senior Living

Nadona LTC


What is the biggest challenge you faced when you became president at NADONA?

This is my second time being president. The first time, I wasn’t as focused on serving as I should have been. This time, it is all about serving. And the greatest challenge I’m trying to serve is figuring out how to get back to normal after the last three years.

What is your main focus for this year?

Connecting directors of nursing together into a network. When I was younger, I worked at a facility that had 50 other facilities within ten miles, but I didn’t know another director of nursing. I’d like to change that for the young talent coming up.

What is important for being successful in the director of nursing role?

The only requirement to be a director of nursing is to be an RN. So many people get thrown into the job with no leadership experience. Leadership is the most important part of the job.

What makes a good leader?

It’s a mindset. Serve your staff well. Prepare your staff. My job as a leader is to make sure everyone on staff can do their job, not to do their job for them.

What is your level of optimism for the future of long-term care?

I’m the ultimate optimist, but hope is not a strategy. I want to work to make the profession better when I leave than when I started. I want to gather stakeholders and decision-makers to have conversations about how we can improve our profession.

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