On this episode, we speak to Chad Tuttle, SVP of Hospital and Post Acute Operations at Corewell Health, a $15 billion-a-year organization that is the largest employer in the state of Michigan with over 61,000 team members.

Topics discussed include:

– The importance of value transformation in healthcare.

– Getting people out of the hospital faster and into a rehab facility.

– The history and size of Corewell Health.

– The learning curve of going from long-term care into senior management at a large healthcare system.

– Chad’s journey from retail to healthcare.

– A vision for affordable healthcare in the future.


Tell us what you mean by value transformation in healthcare.

Healthcare is one of the most expensive things any of us can purchase. How we get the best value for the most affordable price is the way we think about value transformation.

How do you line up metrics that let you know you’re headed in the right direction when it comes to affordability?

We look at as much information as we can about other providers in our market. We look at things like what is the claims data that was submitted to Medicare and Medicaid, or various health insurers, and we subscribe to benchmarking services.

Tell me about Corewell Health. How big is the company?

We’re the combination of two large health systems in Michigan, one of them called Spectrum Health and the other called Beaumont Health, that came together a little over a year ago to form a new entity, known as Corewell Health. We’re the largest employer in the state of Michigan. We have over 61,000 team members.

How did you get into long-term care?

I worked for Target Corporation through high school and college, and after college, I was quickly promoted into management roles. But there was something missing. I replied to an ad from a nursing home in the town where I had grown up. I fell in love with the environment and quickly moved from human resources and operations to pursue my administrator’s license. I fell in love with the residents and fell in love with the team members.

What is something you’re passionate about moving forward?

I’m most passionate about this vision for affordable care in the future. One of the things I love about having a fully integrated system, and particularly the long-term care facilities within our system, is that it’s not just about the success of just those facilities, it’s about the success of the system as a whole. And the system as a whole is aligned around what’s most affordable for the patient for the best outcomes. That’s how I see the future of care.

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