On this episode, we speak to Rebecca Adelman, Founder/Attorney at Adelman Law Firm, a firm that has expertise in multiple areas of insurance defense litigation, professional malpractice, business and employment and healthcare law.

Topics discussed include:

– Rebecca’s career path that led to representing LTC providers in lawsuits and risk management.

– Her development of the Guide Path certification program for senior living communities.

– Development of the Guide Path survey that focuses on the five key areas that create the most risk.

– The resources the Guide Path program makes available to LTC facilities and families to set expectations and ease the transition into assisted living.

– The challenges of building the program from an idea to practical tools.

– Defining risk and how it aligns with expectations.

– How expectations are aligned with our life experiences.

– The fulfillment that comes with meeting with LTC residents and their families and hearing their stories.

Rapid fire Q/A

How did you get started in defending LTC facilities?

After I moved to Memphis more than 30 years ago, I started at a law firm that specialized in medical malpractice defense. Over time, I became a specialist in medical malpractice and ended up working on a lot of long term care cases.

Tell us how your Guide Path program came to be.

It’s all about the people in the LTC ecosystem. Nobody was talking about risk management: the legal industry was in a reactive mode when a facility got sued. I had deposed thousands of family members, and I knew there had to be a proactive approach to risk management and mitigation.

How do people get started with the Guide Path program?

We focus on the family and resident engagement. We have an insight survey of 25 questions that touch on the five key areas I’ve identified that create the most risk: communication, the family system, goals of care, the aging process, and emotional and spiritual well-being.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in making the program what it is today?

The biggest challenge was taking an idea that was in my head and creating a practical tool that people find useful, whether it is a resident, a family member, or someone working at a long term care facility.

How do you define risk in relation to what you do?

Risk is an event that happens that is unexpected that results in some kind of loss. It all comes down to expectations and what happens when those expectations aren’t met.

What has been the most enjoyable part of building the Guide Path program?

The most fulfilling part of this is being able to meet with families and to meet with residents who are at all sorts of different stages in living and dying, and being able to hear their stories. That’s what it is all about.

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