On this episode, we speak to Jason Cronk, President and COO at Immanuel Lutheran Communities.

Topics Jason discusses include:

– Developing Western-style lifecare communities in mainland China.

-The learning curve involved in working in China versus the US.

-Their approach to talent acquisition and recruitment to their facility in Montana.

-The focus on RNs and CNAs in their recruiting.

-Jason’s leadership style and relationship with his team.

-Making data-driven decisions through focus groups and surveys.

Rapid fire Q/A

Your background includes working in China. What was the learning curve coming from the US? 

There were cultural differences that we had to overcome. The thought of an elderly person selling the family home and moving into a retirement home was not something the Chinese are used to.

What is your focus for the immediate future at Immanuel Lutheran Communities?

Our main focus is on recruiting and talent acquisition for our facility in Montana. We spend most of that recruiting effort trying to attract RNs and CNAs.

What is your approach to making data-driven decisions to move your business forward?

We listen to our community through focus groups that we conduct both through surveys and in person for our new business initiatives. That’s how we determine our priorities and decide what we think will be important for growth.

What is your leadership style and how would you describe your relationship with your team?

I’m very collaborative in the way I approach my leadership with our team and include all people that have an interest or background to help us be successful depending on whatever the topic is of the project. I’m a visionary.

What is your favorite part of your work week?

I love mornings. I’m here at work early every morning. I do my best work in the mornings when it comes to being creative and taking a deep dive on projects.

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