On this episode, we speak to Philip Scalo, CEO of Bartley Healthcare and Vice Chair of the American Health Care Association (AHCA).

During our talk, Philip discusses topics including:

-Philip’s role and his history at AHCA.
-The never-ending fight to get appropriate funding from Congress and other sources.
-The intangible challenges of leaving law and entering long-term care.
-How to build and maintain a culture of genuine care for residents.
-Lessons learned about running LTC facilities that didn’t come from a business book.
-The critical importance of perseverance in order to be the best.
-Comparing training for high-level sports with running a caring, thriving business.

Rapid fire Q/A

Is Long Term Care funding a non-partisan issue? 

Sometimes it can be. Democrats like more regulation, Republicans don’t. Democrats are freer with the money, not as free as we need them to be, and Republicans are a little more budget conscious. But when it comes down to it, the story we have to tell is that we need to be reimbursed appropriately.

Can you share an example of a win for Long Term Care in the last 12 years?

One recent example would be the payment rule. Originally, we were supposed to get a 2% cut. And we wound up with just about a 2% increase, which, for small facilities in particular, that’s a major, major, major thing.

What are some lessons you learned about LTC that didn’t come from a business book?

As a former and current athlete, I look for coaching as an inspiration that provides many lessons. I used to have a sign in my son’s room that said, “A thousand hours of preparation for that one moment.”

Do you have any examples of leadership style?

I still consider myself an athlete, although not at the level I used to be. I look to coaching as somewhat of an inspiration and somewhat of a lesson. So from my perspective, it’s all about the process. And I usually refer back to sports analogies.

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