This week, we chat with Ben Wingrove, Founder of SchedulePop — a leading staff scheduling app that started in 2015.

SchedulePop allows people working in the long-term care industry to view and manage their schedules easily.

This episode is a little different than usual, as Ben shares his screen to explain the functionality and design of the SchedulePop app.

In the episode, we discuss various topics, including:

  • Ben’s unique transition from the entertainment and nightlife industry into long-term care and the adjustments he needed to make.
  • Ben’s experience in marketing, UX and design.
  • The functionality, colors and design of the SchedulePop app.
  • How SchedulePop has improved the satisfaction of staff, such as providing the ability to easily request time off work.
  • Details about SchedulePop, such as the fact that it works with nearly 200 facilities.
  • Details about the future of SchedulePop, such as the widgets the team is introducing and the meetings planned with focus groups to help improve the app.

Rapidfire Q/A

How did you adjust to the long-term care industry?

My background is more on the sales side of things. But I also spent a lot of time at the various companies I’ve worked with and been a part of helping how we’re going to design the software, such as how the UX and the features will work.

I’m not a developer. We have a dev team. But I do spend a lot of time focus-grouping with our clients and other people that we can kind of pull into the family to try to figure out not only okay, what is the feature, but how do we boil that down and just make it dirt simple to use?

Senior care and long-term care, these folks are so busy. They’re running around often with their hair on fire. And this needs to be a straightforward tool they can use while they’re on the go to solve problems with a few taps without barely having to change their focus from what’s important.

How did you start with SchedulePop’s UX and marketing?

We didn’t have any team initially. It was just me. Now we have one person in marketing. 

Why does everything always have to be the same color if you can set the image up so it can be memorable? And then, you could do all sorts of things with the colors and use different colors to create the same look.

I like pop art. I think about the Andy Warhol pieces, where he might take the same image but have lots of different colors in it. There’s no mistaking what you’re looking at.

Is there anything you’re excited about coming up for SchedulePop?

There’re a few things. One, we just rolled out our dashboard. We rolled out each little item on the dashboard. 

You can call them a tile or a widget. So we just rolled that out with the first widget, but I’ve sketched and mocked up other ideas. 

And then, the team has come up with many more ideas than me, like the following 17 widgets. And so we’re working on all of those as we speak. 

Is there anything I have yet to ask you that you think is pertinent or of interest to long-term care facilities?

We’re starting to meet with our focus groups and talk about what we’re trying to see beyond what we know. 

It’s hard to see beyond the staffing crisis. But we think that acuity-based staffing is going to be a big thing. 

We feel like that’s something we can work on with our partners like Experience.Care. And in using that to help the buildings not only fill the shifts but schedule to the patients’ needs. So that’s an area where we want to add functionality. We’re excited about that.

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