On this episode, we speak to Jennifer Swain, VP of Clinical Reimbursement at AbleHearts*.

Topics discussed include:

– Jennifer’s introduction to long-term care and her journey in the healthcare field.

– Volunteering experiences, including working in skilled nursing and emergency areas.

– Jennifer’s transition into long-term care after working in the hospital’s ICU.

– Wanting a more meaningful role in patient care.

– Embracing the culture of long-term care and recommitting to the field.

– Honoring her roots and her reasons for becoming a nurse.

– The unique experience of being pregnant while working in long-term care.

– Encouraging young people to consider careers in long-term care.

– The 24/7 nature of long-term care and the need for continuous compassion and care.


How did you get into long-term care?

My mother started nursing school, and she took me to nursing homes, sparking my interest. I volunteered and enjoyed the experience in skilled nursing.

Did your mother influence your career choice?

Absolutely. My mother’s nursing career and taking me to nursing homes inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare.

What made you transition into long-term care from a hospital setting?

When I was in the ICU, I realized my desire for a deeper connection with patients, which drew me back to long-term care.

Did your parents express pride in your career choice?

Sadly, my mother had passed away, but my father is extremely proud of me and played a significant role as one of my early mentors.

Can you share a moment you’re proud of in your career?

Certainly. Shortly after my mother’s passing, I was transitioning roles and found myself short-staffed one evening. As a unit manager at the time, I stayed with a resident who was end-of-life to ensure they weren’t alone. This was a moment that I’m incredibly proud of.

How has being a mom affected your perspective on long-term care?

My daughter is what I call the “long-term care baby.” She embraced the environment even before she was born, as residents fell in love with her. We instilled empathy and compassion in her upbringing, and she often joins me during holidays to be with residents.

How would you encourage a 16-year-old to consider a career in long-term care?

It’s quite simple for me because it’s her normal. She sees the importance of being there for residents, especially on holidays, as many have lost loved ones and may not have family around. Long-term care is a 24/7 commitment to compassion and love.

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*Since recording the interview, Jennifer Swain has moved to Aston Health Consulting Services, where she is VP of Clinical Reimbursement.

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