On this episode, we speak to Brittney Tyler, Senior Executive Director at Apopka Health & Rehabilitation Center.

Topics discussed include:

– Brittney’s passion for long-term care and her role as a servant leader.

– Her initial interest in nursing and her mother’s influence.

– The importance of making a difference in the community, impacting the industry and engaging with younger generations interested in healthcare administration.

– Her role in healthcare policies, lobbying and advocating for the industry.

– Taking on challenging facilities, building positive cultures and making meaningful connections with staff and residents.

– The importance of educating decision-makers about the daily challenges in long-term care.

– Her sources of information, which include social media, networking, reading and staying up-to-date on industry changes.

– Setting a positive tone in her interactions with staff through morning meetings, affirmations and maintaining an energetic attitude.


Why are you passionate about Apopka Health and Rehabilitation?

I see my job as giving back to the long-term care population. I’m a servant leader and want to make a positive impact.

How did you transition from nursing to healthcare administration?

I initially thought I wanted to be a nurse, but after volunteering, I pursued an administrator training program to work in long-term care.

What confirmed that you belonged in long-term care?

Meeting colleagues who knew my mom, a former nurse, and shared the same passion. Seeing her influence translate to me confirmed my path.

Where do you want to take long-term care in Florida in the next 10 years?

I want to empower the younger generation to understand healthcare leadership and make a community impact. I also want to educate peers about policy changes.

What have you learned being on the Florida Board of Nursing Home Administrators?

I’ve learned that we have more impact on healthcare policies than we think. Sharing real stories from our centers can influence decision-making.

What challenges do you face as a young leader in the industry?

The complexity of dealing with humans, families and industry intricacies. Balancing these challenges while maintaining a positive energy is tough.

How do you ensure your leadership resonates with your team?

I use positive affirmations and a kudos-driven approach to set a positive tone. I prioritize understanding my staff’s preferences and needs.

Resources mentioned:

Apopka Health and Rehabilitation Center

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