On this episode, we speak to Liz Borer, Chief Nursing Officer at Millennial Healthcare Services.

Topics discussed include:

– Liz’s role.

– The nickname “Covid Queen” and Liz’s response to the challenges of the pandemic.

– Organizational challenges in the last year and future focuses.

– Liz’s unconventional entry into long-term care and nursing.

– Working with the geriatric population and lessons learned.

– Liz’s passionate leadership style and fostering connection and vulnerability.

– The origins of Liz’s passion and empathy.

– The impactful conference experience and emotional connections.

– The importance of sharing best practices and collaboration.


Why are you called the “Covid Queen”?

I earned the moniker during the Covid-19 pandemic because I took on the challenge of navigating the unknown. I delved into research, supported teams and ensured we followed guidelines from CDC and WHO to protect our residents and staff.

What were your organization’s challenges last year and its upcoming focus?

Last year, our main challenge was staffing. We’ve made substantial improvements by offering competitive wages and fostering a corporate culture centered around employee engagement. Moving forward, we’re committed to sustaining this culture of engagement and providing the best possible care.

How did you become interested in long-term care instead of acute care?

My journey to long-term care began when I joined the Navy at 18. While nursing wasn’t initially part of my plan, I fell in love with it. Working night shifts in long-term care felt like being part of a close-knit family, which ignited my passion for caring for the elderly.

What have you learned from working with the geriatric population?

Working with the elderly has shattered the notion that leadership is lonely at the top. In the world of nursing, it’s about collaboration, with all staff members caring for each other. This realization led me to prioritize vulnerability and connection in my leadership approach.

How do peers describe your leadership style?

Peers often describe me as “passionate.” This passion stems from my belief in fostering emotional connections and vulnerability in leadership. I encourage my team to share their emotions, making it easier for them to trust each other.

Why do you value sharing best practices across organizations?

I strongly believe in collaboration. When we share best practices, we collectively raise the bar for care quality. It’s not a competition, but a journey toward improvement that benefits everyone involved.

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