On this episode, we speak to Mikki Meer, Regional Vice President of Operations at Clear Choice Health Care.

Topics discussed include:

– Mikki’s journey from being a social worker with a passion for gerontology to her dedicated career in long-term care.

– Her early exposure to long-term care through her mother, an RN in nursing homes.

– Making a positive impact on people’s lives, be it residents, staff, visitors or vendors.

– The significance of making a difference in both individual lives and the broader community within long-term care.

– The chance to connect with and learn from remarkable individuals.

– Viewing operations as an opportunity for continuous learning and diversity.

– Surrounding herself with individuals she cares about, personally and professionally.


What’s your background in long-term care?

I have a master’s degree in sociology with a focus on gerontology, and I’ve worked in various roles in skilled nursing and living facilities.

When did you realize you wanted to dedicate your career to long-term care?

My mom’s work as a nurse in long-term care and my experiences in the field made me realize my passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

Why should young people consider a career in long-term care?

It’s a profession where you can explore various passions — culinary, healthcare, finance — and make a positive impact on people’s lives, which is emotionally and financially rewarding.

How can volunteering in long-term care be rewarding?

In just a few hours, you can connect with people from different walks of life, learn their stories and make a difference, leaving with new perspectives and experiences.

What’s the essence of operations in long-term care?

Operations are dynamic and diverse, never dull. Every day is unique, filled with new challenges, wins and experiences that allow you to constantly learn and adapt.

What’s your leadership style in one word?

Supportive. I believe in encouraging new ideas, promoting quality care and fostering positive relationships with colleagues.

Resources mentioned:

Clear Choice Health Care

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