On this episode, guest host Jalene Carpenter speaks to Peter Murphy Lewis, Vice President of Marketing at Experience Care, Podcast Host of LTC Heroes and Television Host of Aqui Te Las Traigo Peter, in the first-ever LTC Heroes takeover.

Topics discussed include:

– Peter’s diverse background as the founder of LTC Heroes, a docu-series host and VP of Marketing at Experience Care.

– Peter’s CNA role, which deeply impacted him and prompted his passion for long-term care.

– The upcoming Innovation Summit, themed “Forces of Change: The Future of Work.”

– His keynote, “From Good to Unforgettable,” focuses on personal branding and its significance in building strong connections and advancing the long-term care sector.

– His podcasting approach, which includes anecdotes of how he surprises guests with personal insights, emphasizing the importance of personal connections in long-term care.

– Peter’s motivation to contribute, which extends beyond work.

– His excitement for his opportunity with the unique long-term care community in Nebraska.


What’s your approach to personal branding?

Personal branding is about who you are as a human being, not just metrics or conversions. It’s about how people describe you when you’re not in the room.

How do you make a quick pitch impactful?

Start with a one-liner that’s clear and visual. Simplify your message to be easily understood, and don’t rush — silence can be powerful.

Why is the concept of “forces of change” important in long-term care?

Forces of change, or innovation, is about leveraging the positive momentum of social energy to address challenges and improve staffing, technology and attract younger generations to the industry.

How can personal passions enhance your impact in the industry?

Personal interests and passions can be woven into your professional identity, making you more relatable and memorable. These unique qualities can help with recruitment, retention and overall engagement in long-term care.

Resources mentioned:

Experience Care

Aquí Te Las Traigo Peter

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