On this episode, we speak to Julie Morris, Board of Directors Sr. Vice President at Florida Health Care Association.

Topics discussed include:

– Julie’s 18-year involvement in the association and her journey to becoming Senior VP.

– Expanding the conference to include various disciplines that support the industry.

– The importance of continuous learning and education at the conference, particularly related to clinical reimbursement and therapy services.

– Influence and guidance from mentors and administrators in Julie’s career.

– The impact of her family’s involvement in the industry on her decision to become an administrator.

– Servant leadership and the value of providing compassionate care.

– Personal loss and how those in the industry support one another during difficult times.

– The significance of caring for loved ones even after they pass away, and the importance of showing respect and love to families.

– The sense of unity and camaraderie among conference attendees, where they set aside company affiliations to connect and enjoy shared passions.

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How long have you been involved with FHCA?

I’ve been a part of the association now for 18 years. I first got into it because I wanted to be in the association of the industry that I absolutely love working in.

What do you want to do on the board in the next year?

I’d really like to see this conference expand to the other disciplines that support all of those people and each of our centers — like skilled nursing, rehab directors, VPs of rehab — those that can wrap their arms around multiple buildings at a time.

Take us back to your first day in long-term care

My dad was a pharmacy consultant for skilled nursing facilities in Western North Carolina where I grew up. So I helped by driving his van for all of the deliveries that he had to do to the different nursing homes that he serviced. And so my first job was accounts payable and payroll at one of his skilled nursing facilities.

What have you learned about yourself from working in long-term care?

I’ve learned that I’m definitely in the right business. I think that a lot of what has come full circle for me is how the industry wraps their arms around each other during the hurricanes or with the losses that we experienced with Covid.

What’s something that you’re really proud of about this association?

I love that we all represent who we work for. I mean, you have to work for somebody and you have to pay your bills and take care of your own families. But when we come to this conference, we’re here to be colleagues that want to have fun, network and enjoy each other.

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