On this episode, we speak to Scott Berube, Nursing Home Administrator at De Luna Health and Rehabilitation Center. Topics discussed include:

– Scott’s journey to long-term care – from working in the Navy to becoming a nurse after a force reduction in 1994.

– His transition into long-term care and the realization of the importance of caring for residents.

– The desire for career growth that led him to branch into administration.

– How his attendance at the FHCA annual conference allows him to learn new things and meet new people – especially the younger generation in the industry.

– The importance of caring for his employees and helping them during challenging times.

– Being fair and consistent in his leadership style.

– Taking control of challenging situations rather than letting the situation control him.

Resources mentioned:

De Luna Health and Rehabilitation Center 

Florida Health Care Association


What got you into long-term care?

I was in the Navy, and there was a mandated force reduction, so I had to leave against my wishes. I applied to nursing school because I was a combat medic in the Navy. I became a nurse, and that eventually led to long-term care.

When did you start to realize you might be made for a career in long-term care?

During my first few months in long-term care, I noticed that nobody was truly caring for people. My heart went out to them, and that pushed me into making it a career.

What have you learned about yourself after working in long-term care for almost three decades?

I’ve learned that if you win all the time, you don’t learn from it. I hate to lose, but when I do lose, I always learn something.

What is something you’re especially proud of?

I truly care about my employees, and I care about their problems. You can’t be heartless in his business. You’re not going to last — your team’s not going to stay together.

Describe your leadership style.

I try to treat everyone equally. I don’t play favorites. I try to be fair and consistent with everyone. I always use a poker face. Even if I don’t like you, you’re never going to know it.

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