Healthcare Interoperability

“We want to get a loud voice made up of many voices that can kind of share their thoughts with us about how direct and interoperability in general terms can be made more usable.” – Scott Stuewe.

Does interoperability intimidate you? Does it sound expensive and complex? We are here to tell you it is not!

In this LTC HEROES Podcast, we bring you the President and CEO of DirectTrust, Scott Stuewe. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Scott simplifies interoperability for us, shares his views on its benefits for LTC facilities, the trends for the future as well as the aspects that need improvement.

Scott also shares his thoughts on the future of the LTC industry, his routine, and goals as the CEO of Direct trust and gives advice for those interested in the interoperability topic.

So even if you are a beginner or more advanced in the topic, this episode covers from the basics to the more practical aspects of the topic like referrals, notifications, workflow, and usability.

Please enjoy.

Key Points of Discussion (Timestamps):

  • Scott explains interoperability and its importance (3:41)
  • Where are we today in interoperability (4:43)
  • What percentages of facilities or receivers are not connected to the system and not receiving notifications (12:09)
  • If you are interested in being connected, how and where should you start (13:27)
  • What is DirectTrust and its role in the industry and why it was created (16:18)
  • The benefits of being connected and its practical aspects (21:41)
  • Benefits for doctors and nurses at an LTC facility (26:29)
  • Future trends, gaps in technology and what needs to improve (28:41)
  • How DirectTrust gets feedback to improve the workflow issues (31:05)
  • The personal motivation for DirectTrust creation and Dr. David Kibbe (35:34)
  • Scott’s goals and routine as President of DirectTrust (39:39)
  • His views on the future of the LTC industry (41:21)
  • How to assess your assets and what you need to consider to go down this path (42:43)
  • Recommendations for owner-operators that are interested in diving further into the topic (44:35)
  • What differentiates real interoperability from the other alternatives available (46:49)
  • The key components to interoperability in healthcare (49:48)

Components of an Ideal Interoperability Solution

He outlines the steps LTC facilities can take to enhance interoperability, from implementing simple inbox solutions to more complex integrations.

Scott talks about the work at DirectTrust and how they’re able to create a trusted information exchange ecosystem. He explains that an ideal interoperability channel contains efficient and curated referrals, organized notifications, streamlined workflows, and enhanced usability. 

He closes with how DirectTrust plans to create differentiation in the messages their network handles to help information receivers behave differently for the purpose of more LTC interoperability success.

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Rapid Fire Q/A

What valuable or actionable advice do you expect we’ll cover in today’s chat? 

Scott: I’m really hoping people understand that there are really inexpensive, quick, and easy ways to achieve interoperability for long-term care organizations.

What is one lesser-known book, newsletter, or industry resource that you recommend I go to for a better understanding of the long-term care industry?

Scott: Jerry Seelig’s Newsletter called ‘Revitalize.’

Name one mentor or influencer in your life that has inspired you for the work that you do in the long-term care industry?

Scott: I had the pleasure of working for the founder of Cerner Corporation, Neil Patterson. I found him very remarkable in terms of visibility to see where the industry was going, and actually to influence where the industry would go.

If you were to start all over again in interoperability today, knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?

Scott: I would just have to tell myself to relax and be patient.

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