Rapid Intervention

In this episode of the LTC Heroes Podcast, Jerry Seelig, Founder & CEO of Seelig+Cussigh HCO, sits down with us to share his experience with resolving a variety of issues at Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) through a process known as Rapid Intervention.

Jerry discusses the elements of rapid intervention including preparation, building the right team for the job, and how to execute while balancing the interests of all parties involved. He explores the importance of documentation for SNFs and why poor documentation leads to major issues for these facilities. Jerry points out that breakdowns in documentation largely happen because leaders aren’t driving the importance of it throughout the organization.

Characteristics of Strong SNF Owners and Operators

Jerry highlights the 3 things SNFs should review and continually audit to prevent the need for Rapid Intervention, and also describes the characteristics of strong SNF owners and operators.

He wraps this episode by encouraging SNFs to take ownership of issues while also recognizing what the facility is doing right. With the right data and documentation in hand, facilities can “move forward from mistakes and avoid shooting themselves in the foot twice.”