In the latest episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, we were joined by Dr. David Gifford, Director of the Center for Health Policy Evaluation in LTC of the American Health Care Association.

The episode was streamed live from the Georgia Healthcare Association winter convention, where David gave a talk. During the conference, David spoke about Covid visas and his clinical background as a geriatrician. He also gave an update on what is happening in DC that may affect the attendees.

David shares the biggest concerns of Georgia Healthcare Association members, which include understaffing and confusion over Covid regulations. He also talks about staying positive and overstaffing in the long-term care industry.

We learn about what a day in the doctor’s life looks like. David then shares what he’s learned from working through a pandemic with his team, which is that it’s essential to take some time for yourself. You can’t push everyone to 110% all the time.

Towards the end of the episode, David also talks about what he’s proud of having done in the last year. He then answers some rapid-fire questions, one of which is about the books that have greatly influenced his life.

Discover how the American Health Care Association’s GMO works by tuning into the latest episode of the LTC Heroes podcast.

Rapidfire Q/A

Which books have greatly influenced your life?

For work, Leadership on the Line was a great book. That was helpful.

There’s a chapter in a book I reviewed for work on medical errors called Death by Decimal. I just love the title.

What non-existent job do you wish existed in our industry?

I would call it a hallway ambassador, where the individual walks the hallway and responds to current needs, either with residents, staff, or family.

If you look at most of the call lights and most of the requests for help by residents, they don’t require a CNA or RN. They just require a nice, compassionate person.

It’s a great entry job. It can then go to a CNA.

What is your most strongly held belief?

One would be to treat other people like you might treat yourself.

If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it, what would it say and why?

Read to your kids. At an early age, I think learning to read and write is critical to being successful in society.

The bonding between the parents and the kids through that reading is key, and you can’t start early enough. I think if we did it for a while, it would help solve a lot of the problems we have.

Who’s someone who inspires you a lot?

Olympic athletes inspire me. They’re so dedicated to their sport and the training, and they put it all out there. 

When they finish the race, they just collapse in exhaustion. They’ve just given it their all. And they’re doing it for their country.

Those things always inspire me.

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