This week’s episode of the LTC Heroes podcast is a special one. Melissa Brown of Gravity Healthcare Consulting interviews our very own host of the podcast, Peter Murphy Lewis, Marketing Director at Experience Care.

Peter is on a mission to help long-term care facilities, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the quality of their care. In the episode, we speak to Peter about his work as a nurse’s aide and experience working at Experience Care.

Experience Care provides a fully-integrated electronic health record and financial management solution to help skilled nursing facilities and assisted living providers. In the episode, Peter talks in-depth about integration and its importance in the future of healthcare.

We also learn about Peter’s background and how it led him to Experience Care. Peter then goes on to explain more about Experience Care and how it stands out from its competitors.

Towards the end of the episode, Peter shares what inspired him to become a nurse’s aide and why it was the right decision. He also tells us some unexpected things he’s learned from the role that most people wouldn’t understand.

Learn what it’s like to be a nurse’s aid by tuning into the latest episode of the LTC Heroes podcast with Peter Murphy Lewis, Marketing Director at Experience Care.

Rapid Fire Q/A


What’s your background before getting into long-term care?

Peter: I grew up in Kansas and went to a boarding school in Missouri. I went to boarding school with a bunch of international students. 

I’m interested in people that are different from me. And I don’t just mean different religions or languages, but also a different demographic.

Then I went to college in Boston, where I studied sociology and Spanish. And my first job out of college was working with surveys and questionnaires as a sociologist. Then, right after that, transitioned to working as an HIV / AIDS caseworker with the homeless population. 

That’s where I learned how to connect with people and ask questions. And then, after that, I got a cool scholarship from Rotary Club to study for my master’s degree anywhere I wanted in the world. 

I went down to South America and studied for my master’s and Ph.D. in Chile. And from there, I jumped into entrepreneurship, where I started a travel company. Then I became a TV host on public television down there. 

And that’s where I attribute my life lesson of learning how to share other people’s stories to make sense. 

Before I went to Chile, I helped my grandmother, who had dementia, move into a nursing home. It was that experience where I developed a passion for CNAs. And for nurses and long-term care. 

I spent a lot of time with my grandmother those first few weeks, just watching old movies with her and getting her accustomed to making her think that that was her home. I really reconnected with that experience of being in long-term care and helping my grandmother move into that nursing home.


What convinced you that becoming a nurse’s aide was the right decision for you?

I can remember being in a management call with our CEO, Jason Long, and my peers. 

Jason says something along the lines of ‘Peter, what if you became a certified nurse’s aide?’ I said, ‘Oh, my goodness, would you let me take time out of my work week and month?’ He said, ‘yeah, I would, I would love it.’ 

Over the next six months, I realized that becoming a CNA lined up with what I think our differentiators are; commitment, customer care, and customization. 


What is something unexpected that you’ve learned as a nurse’s aide that you think most people wouldn’t understand?

When I started taking care of a number of residents who had dementia or Alzheimer’s, I felt that I was caring for my grandpa when I was taking care of these residents. 

I felt like I was given the opportunity to pay back for all that generation gave to me. My grandparents’ generation taught me to be humble, helpful, and thankful. 

They taught me so much about gratitude. When I did my clinical, I cried—every single day. The majority of the times that I cried, it was because of happiness. 

I was happy that I was connecting with that version of my grandfather that taught me so much.



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