In this week’s episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, we sit down with Dianne Powell, owner and instructor of Allied Health Career Training LLC.

Dianne started off working as a certified nursing assistant in the long-term care industry. Now she helps people train to be CNAs themselves at Allied Health Career Training LLC.

The episode begins with Dianne answering a few icebreaker questions before explaining how she first got into the industry.

We learn how long Dianne worked as a CNA before she started climbing the ladder into training. We also find out what Dianne’s last job was in a nursing home before she started Allied Health Career Training.

Dianne speaks a lot about Allied Health Career Training LLC and we learn about the classes in detail, that they’re kept short, engaging, and fun.

We also learn what the average CNA is like at the career training establishment, and how students typically find out about the role.

Towards the end of the episode, Dianne shares what those training to be CNAs can expect from the course.

Explore what it’s like to train as a certified nursing assistant by tuning into the latest episode of the LTC Heroes podcast with Dianne Powell, owner and instructor of Allied Health Career Training LLC.


Rapid Fire Q/A


Do you have any uncommon hobbies?

I love to travel. When I say travel, I like to travel cheaply. I like to figure stuff out.

I like going to places I’ve never been to and working through it, meeting people, and experiencing new things.


What non-long term care reading do you enjoy?

Since I started Allied, I have read mainly business things, like business articles. And then anything medical.

I also enjoy reading things about what’s going on in the world and understanding things from other perspectives.


What was your first job? And how long ago was that?

This would have been in the 70s. I had a job at a long-term care home. Back then, they just called you an aide, and I had no training.

They just kind of put you out there, and you learned on the job.


What was the last job you had in a nursing home before you started Allied Health Career Training?

I was the Director of Nursing at a nursing home. This is a funny story because I had worked at a hospital after I got out of nursing school. After all, they always tell you to work at the hospital for a few years, get some good skills, and then do whatever you want.

I lasted almost two years, but the hospital wasn’t for me. Then I became the Administrator of the Health Department in our county. 

I did that for a few years, and I loved it. But then we moved out of the county.

So we moved, and I had gotten remarried during all this. We moved to a nice house, with the nursing home right across the street.

At this nursing home, they just happened to put up the ‘help wanted’ sign as I watched. So I thought I should just go over there and check it out.


What are the degrees that you teach?

We’re a certification-level career school where the Kansas Board of Regents approved post-secondary education.

Nobody graduates with any debt. 

We’re a debt-free school. We don’t do that. All of our classes are fast and very low cost.



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