In this week’s episode of LTC Heroes, we speak with Donna Kelsey, CEO at American Senior Communities. American Senior Communities offers retirement communities for seniors in your local area. 

Donna has an impressive professional background in health and long-term care. The episode begins with an icebreaker of Donna sharing her hobbies before she explains what she would change in the long-term care industry. We also learn what the most significant change is that Donna has seen in the sector over the years.

A focus of the episode is strategic turnarounds in long-term care. Donna explains what the concept is and what her biggest strength is in strategic turnarounds in the industry.

She speaks about the processes used to gather information on improving an establishment and discusses the common key priorities of a project.

Donna also highlights the lack of diversity in the long-term care industry and discusses ways to improve diversity in the sector.

We learn how Donna keeps herself in check personally to make sure her quality of life is high, as well as ensuring the same for the residents of her retirement communities.

Do you want to learn all about strategic turnarounds in the long-term care industry? Then tune in to this week’s episode of LTC Heroes with Donna Kelsey, CEO at American Senior Communities.


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Rapid Fire Q&As


Do you have any uncommon hobbies?
I honestly don’t. My one common hobby is gardening. I am in a condominium, so my gardening project is biological.


If you could change one thing in long-term care with the snap of a finger, what would it be?
Capital investment into physical properties. If we could find a way to capitalize and pay for new structures, I think we’d all be in for that. But that is a mammoth project to do.


What’s been the biggest change you’ve witnessed in the long-term care industry, and how has it affected you?
I say that the biggest is our regulatory world.


Can you elaborate on the term ‘strategic turnarounds’?
You don’t get hired the first time because the building runs beautifully. They’re looking for executive directors or administrators because North Carolina administrators and the building aren’t working well. So you go in, and you have to turn it around.

What I mean is, hiring new staff, and getting a department head group that’s going to work together on that level. Keeping the people who are there and making them better, and then getting the business so that it runs almost without you when you leave.

The fun part of that is you take something that wasn’t working well, and you make it run well. I like the challenge of team-building and looking at what skills everyone brings to the table, and how to maximize their skills.

Then what are we missing to do it? What resources do I need from the corporation to move the building ahead?


Are the key priorities always the same? Are they different based on what organization you’re working on?
As long as we’re in long-term care, they usually start with quality.


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