In this week’s episode of LTC Heroes, we speak with Randy Gasser, Executive Director at Woodhaven Retirement Community, and Angela Feldbauer, Director of Admissions and Marketing of the same company. 

The Woodhaven Retirement Community is located in Livonia, Michigan, and offers personalized full-service care for adults aged 55 and older.

Most of the episode focuses on the skilled nursing license placed in escrow at Woodhaven during Covid-19, and we learn about the risks and challenges this introduces. 

We hear in-depth about the transformation the community has gone through, and also how they worked through Covid-19. This year, 32 skilled nursing and rehabilitation beds were licensed for luxury living and long-term care.

Randy also speaks about the people who inspire him in the LTC industry and how his current self differs from his past self.

Angela discusses the community’s marketing strategies in detail, explaining the techniques that have worked and how the methods have progressed and changed over the years. Toward the end of the episode, Angela reveals what the company’s primary marketing goal is.

Finally, Randy is asked if there is anything the team would have done differently during the significant changes made at Woodhaven Retirement Community.

Learn about the recent big changes made at Woodhaven Retirement Community by tuning in to the latest episode of LTC Heroes with Randy Gasser, Executive Director at Woodhaven Retirement Community, and Angela Feldbauer, Director of Admissions and Marketing there. 



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Rapid Fire Q/A


Do you have any uncommon hobbies?
Randy: I don’t know if my hobbies are uncommon, but I do have hobbies. I enjoy running and fitness. My family enjoys traveling. Those are probably common hobbies, but they are what I enjoy.


How does your current self differ from your younger self?
Randy: I think I have learned to value, appreciate, and collaborate much more with other people. I have learned the benefits of teamwork. I have learned the synergy that results when groups of people get together and the dynamics of group thinking and decision-making at Woodhaven.


Who would be your LTC hero?
Randy: That’s a tough question. There isn’t one person that rises to the top. But where I would quickly go to answer that question is to our State Association. 

Michigan has a leading age affiliate. There is a leading age national in Washington, DC, and each state has its corresponding affiliate. There is a lot of networking, a lot of sharing of ideas. 

Interestingly enough, it’s just hit me recently that all of those leading age mentors and people I looked up to, many of them are gone because they were a little older than me. Now I realize that I am them. 

It’s kind of like I feel like I have a new role. And a new position within that Association. So there would be several persons and names that would come to me, but no one person in particular.


Could you introduce what Woodhaven might have looked like in 2018 or 2019?
Randy: Yes, in 2018, we had just finished a $5 million repositioning project. We thought we had created the perfect bricks-and-mortar organization to deliver the very best care in the area. Something that would be very much desired by our marketplace. 

We were very thrilled about the opportunity that we had. We made sure that we created residential-sized neighborhoods that fit within our multiple levels of licensure. So when we were done, we had four neighborhoods, and each one had a living and dining space.

Each neighborhood had a little different flavor, a little different acuity, a little different philosophy of care. We had just completed the area’s first luxury rehab suites for short-term rehabilitation. There were no others, there are still no others, and the marketplace loved them. 


How many beds did you add to your luxury living and long-term care assisted living project?
Randy: We added 32.


How did your marketing plan change during this transition?
Angela: I knew immediately that we needed to start establishing our relationships with the social workers and let them know that we had beds available. We were willing to go the extra mile for them and do whatever it took to make the process as easy and appealing for them as possible. 

Now that I’ve established relationships with so many other facilities, I’ve been able to recommend families looking for rehab centers. I’ve been able to send them referrals as well. So it’s been a great, revolving relationship.



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