In this episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, Bob Hurlbut and his son Robert Hurlbut of Hurlbut Care Communities join us to discuss some concerning bills being passed that will impact the LTC industry. They also share a variety of tips for running multi-facility LTC communities.


Managing a Multi-Facility Care Community


With Bob currently serving as the CEO and President of Hurlbut Communities, and Robert serving as an Administrator, we start off the show talking about their experience of working in a multi-generational LTC business.

According to Bob and Robert, some of the keys to their success are putting a focus on staff morale, spending quality time with their residents, being good listeners, and staying flexible with their operations while also creating as much standardization as possible.


Policy in LTC


Bob shares his experience of working in LTC policy and the importance of getting involved with legislation that negatively impacts the industry. Bob discusses two current bills in particular that don’t make sense for the current state of the industry and need to be addressed. 

When facing these challenges, Bob says you shouldn’t be afraid to face off with legislators and make it known why the bills or policies are wrong.  

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Rapid Fire Q/A


What actionable advice or topics do you believe we’ll cover in today’s episode?
Bob: Family is obvious because we grew up in it, but also taking care of the elderlywith numerous lawsuits against the state of New Yorkbecause it’s getting very difficult in this day and age to take care of loved ones, and finding staff. And there are two particular bills that were just passed that are not going to be good for this industry.


Who is one mentor that has impacted the way you deliver care in our industry?
Robert: Probably be my grandfather. He also illustrates my dad, too. But my grandfather, he is just so passionate about this industry. And you can see him, I can picture him walking into a nursing home and kind of lighting up the room and making sure all the residents are cared for, like he’s there for the residents. But he’s also there for the staff, from the manager to the housekeeper.


What advice would you give to your younger self?
Bob: Listen more, be calm, and manage your emotions.