Preventive Medicine

On this episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, Dr. Roger Landry, author of Live Long, Die Short, sits down with us to share his experience as a preventive medicine physician with the Air Force and in the LTC industry.

Roger opens the episode by describing how his 22 years as an Air Force surgeon shaped his view of preventive medicine and successful aging. He notes that a big part of his success was being able to understand how lifestyle and social factors contributed to the longevity of the military population he was serving.

After leaving the military, Roger entered the LTC industry where he wanted to apply the preventive medicine principles he had learned over the course of his career. 

Social Connection and Purpose

He discusses why social connection and developing purpose are so crucial for LTC residents, noting that these elements are often ignored in the LTC industry. Roger highlights the fact that preventive medicine is about taking small, manageable steps to produce lasting change for the patient.

To close the episode, Roger explains that he wrote his book Live Long, Die Short in order to provide practical tips in common language about successful aging and approaching health in a holistic way.

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