Bioethics Issues in LTC

On this episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, Chris Wilson, Attorney and Healthcare Ethics Consultant, sits down with us to share her insight on the state of bioethics in the LTC industry

Chris describes her journey of first becoming an RN, and then an attorney with a focus on bioethics. She shares that there’s often an overlap between bioethics issues and legal issues which need more attention from the LTC industry as a whole. 

Chris highlights the fact that the LTC industry is lagging behind other healthcare sectors in regards to bioethics because LTC facilities are so busy with regulation issues and are spread thin for resources. 

Bioethics Education

She talks about the importance of educating more health systems on bioethics, and says that all levels of staff should have some sort of bioethics training.

Chris also drives home the point that bioethicists and bioethics committees don’t make healthcare decisions, but rather, they assist others in making the decisions that support patient-centered care.

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Rapid Fire Q/A

What kind of valuable and actionable advice do you expect we’ll cover in today’s episode?
I think that we will be able to show how bioethics is a fabulous adjunct to person-centered care, which we’re all trying to provide.

What is one lesser-known resource, book, or newsletter that you go to when you want to be up to date on LTC info? and Dr. Karl Steinberg’s Article on Bioethics in LTC.

Who is one mentor who has influenced the way that you do care in our industry?
I have to mention Dr. Karl Steinberg. He’s a geriatrician and a certified bioethicist who has led the charge for person-centered care. He’s going to be, if he’s not already taken the position, President of the Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care.

What advice would you give your younger self starting in LTC?
Don’t be afraid to stick it out in LTC just because of a bad experience. It’s gonna get better. It will get better, and you’ll get to be proud of the fact that you work in long-term care.