Challenges of LTC Marketing Admissions

In this episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, Greg Byrge, Executive Director at Wesley, and Jamilyn Bloodworth, Director of Marketing Admissions at Wesley, sit down with us to share their deep knowledge of marketing in the LTC industry.

We discuss the challenges that smaller LTC facilities such as Wesley face in concerns with marketing admissions and highlight the importance of letting your marketing director have full autonomy so they can do their job effectively.

Jamilyn and Greg talk about their strategies for keeping beds full, including forming and nurturing relationships with niche hospitals, always delivering top-notch customer service, and going the extra mile to be helpful to hospital discharge planners.

LTC Marketing Strategies

Jamilyn notes that a slow and steady marketing strategy is far more effective than aggressive tactics in this industry. She also describes the traits you need as a director of marketing admissions to find success.

Greg and Jamilyn close the show by discussing the importance of taking the right patients at the right time, instead of just taking patients for the sake of filling a bed. This strategy will do more for your reputation and quality of care in the long run.

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