Managing a Family-Run LTC Facility

On this episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, Lisa Leatherwood, Administrator of Silver Bluff Village, and Ally Leatherwood, CNA at Silver Bluff Village, join us to discuss their experience of managing and working at their family-run LTC facility.

Lisa is the third-generation operator at Silver Bluff Village and she describes how leadership qualities and skills get passed down through generations. She notes that itโ€™s a process of taking the best qualities from past generations and revamping any qualities that could be improved.

This continuous improvement, passion for LTC, and humble confidence in how they do things have been a key driver of success for Silver Bluff Village.

Importance of Reputation

Lisa discusses the importance of developing a good reputation as a family-run business in order to have ongoing support from your community, especially when the going gets tough as in the case of the pandemic.

As where other LTC facilities kept quiet about their response to the pandemic, Silver Bluff took an honest approach and was transparent with the public about what was happening and what they were doing in response.

Ally also makes an appearance and shares her journey of learning from her Mom, and why she ultimately decided to also join the family business.

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