Empowering Staff and Residents

On this episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, Erica Knepper, Director of Business Development/RN Consultant at Holgate Center, sits down with us to talk about her many career transitions and the associated challenges of becoming a young female leader in the LTC industry.  

Erica shares what it takes to be an effective leader in LTC, noting that being willing to do what you’re asking of others is a key aspect of leadership. In order to empower the people you’re managing or leading, you have to listen to them, find the root causes of problems, and follow through on your promises.

Value-Driven Leadership

She describes the importance of having the courage to speak up for those who need it and going the extra mile to ensure there’s an unwavering focus on high-quality resident care. Instilling these qualities in your staff and organization starts with the example set by leadership.

Erica encourages other nurse leaders to leverage any leadership resources they have available to them. Even if you don’t think you have the time, by leveling up your leadership abilities through ongoing training, you’ll end up saving more time and energy for the things that matter most.

She closes the episode by encouraging leaders and nurses to stick to their internal morals and values, letting these guide their decision-making and journey in LTC.

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Rapid Fire Q/A:

What kind of valuable and actionable advice do you expect we’ll cover in today’s episode?
I think the biggest thing is to teach nurses how important it is to be allies in many senses of the word, and what they need to do to be successful nurses and leaders. I would also have to say that we’ll address ways to battle burnout.

What is one lesser-known resource, book, or newsletter that you go to when you want to be up to date on LTC info?
Today’s Geriatric Medicine is a great magazine to be able to learn a lot of what’s going on. Another one specifically for long-term care would be Mcknights Long-Term Care News.

Who is one mentor who has influenced the way that you do care in our industry?
Patti Garibaldi. She functions day-to-day with such a sense of ease, smoothness, and clarity in what she does, and she goes about it in a way that most nurse consultants aren’t ever able to successfully do, which is having compassion drive her decisions.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self starting in LTC?
I think the most important thing is that you really have to stick to your internal morals and values and let them guide you. Don’t let others take you down a path that isn’t really internally what you believe in.