Senior Care Advocacy

In this episode of the LTC Heroes Podcast, Steve LaForte, Director of Corporate Affairs and General Counsel at Cascadia Healthcare, talks about his experience of successfully growing post-acute and senior housing facilities.

Steve shares his passion for advocacy and the need to shift public perception of senior care facilities in order for seniors to access the care they need and deserve. He explores the need for change in the senior care industry and how the pandemic can act as a catalyst for positive change.

Embracing Value-Based Care

He describes the importance of embracing value-based care and why senior care facilities should partner with regulators in order to strike a balance between delivering quality care and meeting regulatory requirements. The mantra of “people over paperwork” will be crucial as the care landscape continues to change.

Steve also points out that the key to growing health systems is to find the right talent and leadership who can make the facility a real force for good. 

He closes this episode by reminding us of the social commitment we have to our seniors and what we need to do to deliver on our promises to them.

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