Challenges for Nursing Home Administrators

On this episode of the LTC Heroes Podcast, KJ Page, Executive Director of Chaparral House joins us to share her experience of working as a preceptor for aspiring Nursing Home Administrators.

KJ discusses some of the challenges for Administrators, including the fact that many don’t have a clinical background. This ultimately motivated her to become a preceptor so she could share her nursing knowledge alongside her administrative experience with AITs.

She walks through the stages of becoming an administrator from the initial assessment all the way through certification. She explores the reasons people want to be an Administrator and how their “why” can change over time. This is important to truly consider and reflect upon before committing to this path.

Qualities of a Good Administrator

KJ shares her insight on the qualities that make a good administrator and how she helps AITs further develop these qualities. She also discusses the government measures for Functional Status Decline and what Administrators should be doing to maximize reimbursement and quality of care. 

She wraps this episode by sharing what she has learned from working with AITs and provides some helpful advice for aspiring AITs.

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