Importance of Gaining Buy-in from SNFs

On this episode of the LTC Heroes Podcast, Lisa Grod, Owner of LWG & Associates, sits down with us to share her vast knowledge of helping skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) bring on new administrators and the associated challenges.

Lisa discusses what it takes to be authentic in your daily work, and how to help maintain a high quality of life for seniors and the staff that works so hard to care for them.

Lisa describes the details of her work as an Interim administrator and consultant, sharing the importance of gaining buy-in from SNFs in order for real change to occur. She also talks about how her experience in gerontology influences her ability to help SNFs provide the best quality of care. 

Accomplishing Lasting Change in Facilities

She gives specific examples of how she accomplished lasting change in facilities and points out the personality traits that make a good administrator. Lisa suggests that being able to receive feedback and reapply it for better results is a huge indicator of success for an administrator.

To close out the episode, Lisa recommends that SNFs be honest about their problems and be willing to take accountability moving forward.