Improving Occupancy and Retention at Long-term Care Facilities

In this episode of the LTC Heroes Podcast, Lola Rain, Growth Strategist with Senior Living Foresight, sits down with us to share her insight around improving occupancy and retention at long-term care facilities.

She discusses how the decline in LTC occupancy is largely due to a combination of economic factors, environmental factors, and negative public perceptions of these facilities. She says that there needs to be a shift in the attitude around LTC facilities, and it starts with seeing these facilities as communities. We need to get rid of the F-word.

Importance of Messaging and Marketing for LTC Communities

She describes the importance of messaging and marketing for LTC communities, and how they can communicate the value found in their communities. Lola says LTC communities need to focus on their key differentiators and make sure everyone within the community is aligned toward the same objectives.

Lola also provides tips on how to honestly assess your LTC community in order to improve it. She closes the show by sharing the value of life enrichment and how it plays a key role in the attraction and retention of LTC community residents.