Balancing High-Quality Care with Profitability at Non-Profit SNFs

On this episode of the LTC Heroes Podcast, KJ Page, Executive Director of Chaparral House sits down with us to share her insight about balancing high-quality care with profitability at non-profit SNFs.

KJ discusses the challenges of putting residents’ care first while having to pay close attention to budget requirements. She explores the importance of reducing staff turnover in LTC as a way to improve your bottom line and the overall satisfaction of residents and their families. KJ points out that budgeting appropriately to fairly compensate your staff and using surveys to gauge their level of morale are both important for retention.

Elements that Lead to Profitability and Sustainability

KJ highlights the elements that lead to profitability and sustainability such as case mix, proper staffing, location, and an SNF’s ability to adapt to budget restrictions.

She wraps this episode by encouraging SNFs to focus on the small things that lead to contentment for their residents because contentment is always needed before happiness can come about. KJ also leaves us with some advice about the importance of letting yourself be heard when it matters most.

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