In this week’s episode of LTC Heroes, we discuss EHR implementation with Brandon Claps, Chief Information Officer at Loretto

Loretto is a senior care agency in Central New York and is going through a complete overhaul of its information systems, going completely paperless.

The episode covers many areas involved in Loretto’s EHR implementation, including how companies in the long-term care industry assess when they need an EHR, determine what features they need, purchase EHR implementation, and help their teams implement the changes.

Toward the beginning of the episode, Brandon explains how Loretto decided it needed to go paperless. He discusses the financial implications and challenges of EHR and the delays they had to experience during the process.

Brandon explains what excellent EHR software would look like for companies in the long-term care industry and what any organizations hoping to move to paperless should look out for. He also discusses any challenges he had with helping his team move over to EHR.

The episode comes to a close with Brandon giving his general advice to any companies in the long-term care industry hoping to move to EHR in the future.

Discover how to move to EHR in the long-term care industry by tuning in to the latest episode of LTC Heroes with Brandon Claps, Chief Information Officer at Loretto. 

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Rapid Fire Q/A


What uncommon hobbies do you have?
My hobbies involve being outdoors. I’m into cars and remodeling. I’m a kind of do-it-yourself kind of guy. I enjoy spending time with my family.


How long have you been in long-term care?
I’ve been with Loretto for 12 years. That’s how long I’ve been in long-term care as well.


Who is your LTC hero?
When I came into Loretto, I didn’t know much about long-term care. I came into the organization as a system administrator. I would mention Kimberly Townsend, our president CEO.

Creating our mission, vision, and values was extremely important to me and allowed me to connect with it very much. So I couldn’t pick just one person. I think it would be unfair to do so because a lot of people have had such a big impact on my life working at Loretto. I am forever grateful for each one, each and every one of them.


How did you find financial support for the EHR implementation?
We were thankful to be the recipients of some very generous donations, as well as a few grants, one through New York State, and then a few others as well.


What does great EHR software look like in long-term care?
My opinion would be something that’s fully integrated. Fully integrated means it’s fully integrated with all the other systems that a long-term care organization would use to eliminate duplicative work.


What was the slowest, hardest, or most difficult part of getting your team to buy, moving over to paperless?
I think it would be the individual people who were harder, to let them see that vision and how their lives would be easier.

It was the individual people that were in each one of those departments. For example, if we talk about how their lives will be efficient, people start thinking that they’re going to not have a job anymore.

We want to make sure they can spend more time with the residents and provide care. But we also want to make sure that we have the most accurate documentation so we can build at the best rate.



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