Exclusive Workshop: How your personal brand can help your LTC facility with retention, recruitment and census


  • How to build your personal brand in 3 easy steps
  • Practical LTC examples on how to use personal branding to help with retention, recruitment and census
  • How to use what you are currently doing offline in your facility to stregthen your personal branding

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What will be covered in this Workshop:


How to define your personal brand and how that will impact your ltc organization.


How to choose the best channel for you to reach your target audience among all of the alternatives


How to share your story in a way that your audience gets inspired by it.


How Long-term Care facilities are leveraging personal brand to help with staff recruitment, retention and census

Unlock the Potential of Your Personal Brand in Long-Term Care:

In the fast-paced world of long-term care, staff retention and resident satisfaction are critical factors for success. Creating an environment that truly satisfies everyone is paramount, but it comes with unique challenges. High staff turnover and resident dissatisfaction can impact the overall well-being of your facility.

However, there is a solution at your disposal: harnessing the power of your personal brand.

By understanding and leveraging the principles of personal branding, you can create a more fulfilling and harmonious environment in your long-term care facility. This not only enhances staff satisfaction and retention but also significantly improves the quality of life for your residents.

Join us in this free workshop to discover how your personal brand can help your LTC facility with retention, recruitment, and census.

Learn how to communicate your unique values and leadership style to attract the right talent and increase census. Unleash the potential of your personal brand to foster deeper connections, empathy, and engagement among your caregivers.


In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of applying the principles of personal branding to leverage your long-term care facility. This is a groundbreaking approach that we’ve presented to enthusiastic audiences at various industry-leading forums. And now, access to this transformative information is at your fingertips in this free, online workshop.



Owners of long-term care facilities


Leaders in SNFs, ALFs, CCRCs, ICFs, and independent living.


Teams struggling with staffing and retention


Well, hello! I’m Peter Murphy Lewis, vice president of marketing at Experience Care and host of the LTC Heroes podcast.

I’ve spent the last three years interviewing industry leaders and direct caregivers to better understand their struggles and the most effective solutions. I may have gotten a little carried away, as I even went out and became a direct caregiver myself!

One somber fact I learned is that, since the summer of 2020, at least one-fifth of nursing homes in the US have reported a shortage of direct care workers every month. Industry leaders made it clear to me that long-term care nurses are facing more challenges than ever before, chief among them staffing.

So I decided to become part of the solution. I began attending conventions and sharing with facilities the tools and software that were proven to best attract new talent. And I synthesized and articulated the insights from leaders who had found great success retaining staff.

Why am I doing this? I’m passionate about inspiring others to pursue a career in long-term care nursing and to get us out of the current staffing crisis. Yeah, I’m just one person, but I believe that my platform makes it my duty to raise awareness and show the world the human side of long-term care.

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