On this episode, we speak to Dr. Priti Jindal, Chief Medical Officer at Transitional Care Physicians of America, the largest post-acute care practice in Georgia. 

Topics discussed include:

– Dr. Jindal’s journey from working in acute care to being a CMO in long-term care.

– The difficulty of the learning curve when she made the transition.

– A typical day as a CMO.

– The importance of speaking to families with relatable language.

– How to keep up with continuing education and the importance of learning.

– Making the transition into long-term care for families as easy as possible.

– The ways family members can monitor the experience their loved ones are having.


How did you get into long-term care?

I was in acute care for several years when I was introduced to geriatric care, and I just fell in love with it. When I was offered the opportunity to become Chief Medical Officer at a long-term care provider, my only stipulation was that I wanted to keep practicing medicine.

What was the learning curve like transitioning into a CMO role? 

I was scared. They took a chance on me. I saw this opportunity as a way to improve care, clinical programming and clinical processes across a large population of older adults. So I did accept the position, and there was a very, very steep learning curve because there’s a business side to long-term care.

Tell me about Transitional Care Physicians of America 

TCPA is the largest post-acute care practice in the state of Georgia. We take care of about 3,600 patients in 110 facilities across the state. 

How do you manage to remain human when you’re talking to family members of residents?

It is incredibly important to be able to speak in a language with families that they understand and get rid of the jargon. After I have seen one of my patients, and I’m speaking with the families, I just generally ask the question, how can we make your life better?

What is your approach to ongoing learning?

Learning is so important. It’s easy to just get the day-to-day routine, but it’s important to stay up to date on all the materials. And I do that in multiple ways. And one of my big roles as CMO is clinical education. I’m responsible for the clinical education of all the physicians and providers in our organization. So that’s even more reason why it’s important for me to stay-up-to date on everything.

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