On this episode, we speak to Matthew Lessig, Associate Executive Director at Cypress Cove at HealthPark Florida.

We discuss:

– Matthew’s career journey and how he got into LTC.

– The speed of change on the clinical side of the business vs. the back office.

– The importance of understanding the reimbursement model he brought to the clinical side.

– His company’s recent expansion of service lines.

– The emphasis on using data to make operational decisions on a daily basis.

– Tracking specific metrics to improve the overall efficiency of the business.

– Different ways to implement new initiatives from small trials to significant expansions.

– The importance of setting targets and goals to build clear action plans.

– The importance of having a crisis management plan in place, especially in Florida.

– How handling Covid helped prepare for hurricane preparedness.

Rapid fire Q/A

Your background is different than the typical LTC leader. How did you start out? 

There was a job opening at a skilled nursing facility in their business department. I applied for it and got it to start my journey. Later I moved to the clinical side, but my time on the business side was valuable.

What did you bring from the business side that helped you when you moved to the clinical side?

My understanding of the reimbursement process. That helped guide me in a lot of decisions moving forward, like bringing in a new payment system.

You run a data-driven operation. What are some of the new metrics you’re looking at these days that you wish you had sooner?

I think the key metrics we look at are the ones that our team is not performing well in. By looking at the data we can find common themes, weed out the bad decisions and create better efficiency.

Are your initiatives implemented at the top and trickle down versus starting small and expanding upward?

It works both ways. We do get initiatives from the CEO. But we also run trials and pilots on a small scale to tweak things.

Tell me about your leadership style.

I like to be hands-on, I like to get involved, to get into the weeds and be part of idea creation. We get the team together and hash things out to come up with new ideas.

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