In the latest episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, we sit down with Tom Mann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Moorings Park.

Tom has enjoyed a long career in senior living, spanning over 27 years. He served as senior vice president of advertising for the national development of life plan communities. 

Then he worked as principal chief marketing innovation officer for Love & Company. Tom has been with Moorings Park since January 2020.

Tom got into long-term care accidentally. After a short stint at an advertising agency as a copywriter, Tom created his own advertising agency. During this time, Tom met John Erickson, founder of Erickson Retirement Communities.

Before he knew it, Tom was working with John at the company. He spent 15 years at Erickson Retirement Communities. In this time the company grew to 20,000 residents and 10,000 employees.

Over the years, marketing has changed dramatically. When Tom was first hired at Erickson Retirement Communities, there was no in-house ad agency. Tom worked as a copywriter, graphic designer, and in other roles.

There was no digital marketing at the time. Today at Moorings Park, over 60% of leads come in digitally.

Learn all about marketing in the long-term care industry by tuning into the latest episode of the LTC Heroes podcast with Tom Mann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Moorings Park.

Rapidfire Q/A

How has marketing changed over the years?

When John and Michael hired me, Erickson had no in-house ad agency. So I was kind of the copywriter and the graphic designer. What has changed is back then, of course, there was no digital. 

And now, I would tell you that over 60% of our leads here at Moorings Park Communities come in digitally. So it’s changed pretty dramatically since I was a young pup.

How would you take your learnings from Moorings Park to an organization with 5% of the budget?

The bulk of my career has been in the mid-market, so I’m sure there are many people who, when they hear this or see this podcast, they’re probably thinking, well, that’s easy for Tom to say, when he works at Moorings Park. You know, ‘they have these big budgets’, which we don’t. 

And so I would tell you to look at your director-level team. And get them to be a true team. And to not accept excuses, and not rush to put out fires all the time. 

Have strategic time to think and figure out how to coordinate that net. Again, it is just good management. 

What part of your job in senior living are you most passionate about?

If my job were just about selling real estate to many wealthy people, that wouldn’t have had a lot of appeal to me. And so what I needed to feel comfortable with is that the company, the organization, is committed to changing how America ages. 

And that’s what gets me revved up every morning is that we’re trying to be as innovative as possible. To me, that’s what gets me charged up in the morning.

If we stopped through Naples, Florida what restaurant or cafe could we find you at?

Oh, there are so many good restaurants here. It’s crazy. But I would tell you my favorite, which I went to last night because it was actually my birthday. 

The Turtle Club sits right on the gulf. Your tables are in the sand. It’s a very, very great menu and just a great atmosphere.

Where’s the best place to find you online?

The best place would be to email at

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