In the latest episode of the LTC Heroes podcast, we speak with Ron Emerson, Global Healthcare Lead at Zoom Video Communications, at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition.

Zoom is currently the number one used application for clinicians to see patients. Over the years, it’s allowed many people to receive the care they need.

Ron attended the HIMSS conference with a particular interest in finding out how many solutions and products focus on the decentralization of healthcare. 

We discuss how Ron and his team put their time, money, and investment around the needs of the healthcare industry.

Ron has a military background, and he shares how he ended up working in healthcare tech for Zoom and what his learning curve was. Ron outlines a typical day in his department at Zoom, along with what his team’s goals and challenges are at the company.

There’s a huge staffing shortage in the long-term care industry, and software like Zoom can help with these problems to overcome barriers and challenges. 

Towards the end of the episode, we learn how proud Ron is of Zoom as a company, especially the healthcare team. 

Learn how popular video conferencing software Zoom is helping in the long-term care industry by tuning into the latest episode of LTC Heroes with Ron Emerson, Global Healthcare Lead at Zoom Video Communications.

Rapid-Fire Q/A

What were you hoping to learn at HIMSS?

I think I’ve learned a lot, like all of us have. 

My main goal when I came here was to learn how much the solutions and products focus on the decentralization of healthcare and how we’re moving away from larger centers of excellence.

Who was the first person you were excited to hug when you saw them on the trade show floor?

It would be my team members at Zoom. We’ve all been remote. I live in the state of Maine. 

My close colleagues that I work with every day are out in California. I got to see two of my closest colleagues and I gave them a hug when I got on the floor.

So it was good to see them in person.

How did you end up in healthcare tech for Zoom?

I was in the United States Marine Corps. I was in a security team and was an infantry guy. 

I started like that, and then I got out and got my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I was lucky enough to gain experience in acute cardiopulmonary, and then I  wanted to learn about the different segments of healthcare. 

I went to a skilled nursing facility. Then I had an opportunity to be a nurse coordinator at Maine Telemedicine Services. I worked my way up to executive director, got a job with a company called Polycom, and was on the board of the American Telemedicine Association. 

I got to travel to do telehealth and collaboration projects in about 43 different countries for my career working for a telemedicine company. And now I’m at Zoom.

What are you guys looking at in health care?

On a day-to-day basis at Zoom, we’re focused on the customer. We spend a lot of time with our customers and I’m proud to say that we listen to our customers and try to meet those needs. 

From a strategic perspective, it’s really understanding how we can take care of the current situation. One of the things that we have an obsession with at Zoom is simplicity. 

I think the platform has done so well with simplicity and quality. We look at how we can work on our own as an organization and partner with the right organizations to provide those end-to-end solutions.

What newsletters are inside your inbox that even your close friends might not know you read?

Most people wouldn’t know this, but I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have such a passion for it and mixed martial arts, and that’s one of my true passions. 

I also love to meditate. I think that’s become a significant part of my life that’s provided a lot of benefits. 

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