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    • How to get your MDS nurse to maximize reimbursement under PDPM
    • FREE staff meeting template to improve efficiency
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    • How to use Linkedin to see what your competitors are hiring for and make sure that your best staff doesn’t get stolen
    • 7 Tools to help your Long-Term Care facility with digital marketing
    • 7 Questions to include in your interview process to find diamonds in the rough
    • Determine what your prospects think of you by this one-second website test tool
    • Win at branding, with this story-telling tool for LTC prospects
    • How to write newsletters that speak to your target audience

    What our members are saying

    Within a day of LTC Heroes publishing my podcast interview with Peter, I had a most skilled and respected administrator reaching out to me asking for some advice and direction as to Staffing and Program challenges they are facing in their 5-star facility. Importantly, what is great about the LTC Heroes’ is that it home with the 20-year veteran “5 Star veteran administrator” and will be an equally great resource to the first-year administrator, or the DON, the charge nurse, the CNA or RT, the activities staff or anyone who want to be a stronger practitioner and a stronger contributor to the team.

    Jerry Seelig

    Founder and CEO of Seelig+Cussigh HCO LLC (S+C), Author and publisher of Revitalize

    I had the pleasure of being interviewed (actually it was more like a really fun, lively, conversation with a kindred spirit) by Peter Murphy Lewis for a podcast recently. […] At first, I didn’t think I had an hour to spare, and afterward, I was very happy that I spent the time reflecting on service, life, leadership, healthcare, and how we are all tied together in this crazy world. […] The end result was a high-quality podcast! So, if Peter invites you to join him, jump in!!

    Barbara Klick

    RN, MBA CEO at Sholom

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